happy husband is happy

So then there was that time I woke up in Disney World, went online while Anne got ready to go to the parks, and saw that a picture my wife took of me and my friend was on the front page of a website I’ve read every day for a decade.

Wil and Patrick on Talking Points Memo

I get to see Patrick and the rest of my family from Next Generation this weekend at MegaCon, and I can’t wait.

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  1. I saw Patrick Stewart talking about meeting you a few years after TNG. He said he didn’t recognize you when you came up and put your hand on him. He said he thought he was being accosted by a strange fan!

    Its good to see he recognizes you now!

  2. I love this picture. I grew up watching Star Trek with my dad (loved Whoopie & Patrick the best, sorry Wil!) I recently got my D&D-loving husband into watching it too! What a cool life you’ve led!

  3. That made the trekker in me have something in his eye, too.
    You and Sir Patrick have about the same amount of crow’s feet in the corners of your eyes. Did you ask him what his secret is?

  4. What a great photo! One day I will make it to a Con, would love to meet TNG in person! Always enjoy reading your blog, you have really found your place it seems. Good for you.

  5. I am very excited about Wondercon! I look forward to seeing the entire cast together. I think I might be looking forward to Megacon more than SDCC ..is the possible?

  6. I saw that tweet when you, Wil, or someone retweeted it and loved it. Long lost friends reuniting after many years, or at least that’s how I read into it. :) Glad you get to see the gang. Maybe it’s time for a mini-series? :) Screw that JJ Abrams guy and his reboot!!

  7. Ahhh, what a lovely image! I still love TNG so much, so every time I see something related to it? I get a little giddy. Wish I could see the reunion, but you’d have to bring it to Oz~.

  8. When I learned the entire cast was going to be together at MegaCon I was so excited. When my car exploded the week I was going to get my tickets, I was shattered. With some creative budgeting I managed to replace my car, and save enough to go to the Con, only to try and get tickets the day they sold out of online tickets. Again I was devastated, knowing after last year, that standing in line would have me missing your mid morning Q&A. With the aide of some friends, who live in Orlando, I procured a three day pass.

    Today, while packing for this weekend, I discovered to my dismay, that I’ve lost the book I was going to have you sign. And without time to purchase it online, I’m sadly empty handed (unless you’ll sign my copy of ShatnerQuake) going into the weekend.

    So I’m wondering…well hoping really, if you’ll have a few copies of your books for purchase?

    Also are you still collecting dice?

  9. So happy to see this! We couldn’t get to either of you this year at ECCC, but my little guy was thrilled that you yelled to him from a distance on Sunday evening when minions delivered his gift.

    Don’t let anyone bring you down about not touching strangers. Your true fans understand. I have two Autistic boys, & the oldest, Seamus, hates crowds & being touched. He thinks you are the bee’s knees, but is to nervous to come to ECCC & meet you. My little one, Angus, is bold as a pirate & would probably try to go home with you.

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