Chicago comicon wrap-up

I had a truly wonderful time at Wizard Comicon in Chicago this weekend. I met thousands of people who love the things I love, and spent a whole lot of time geeking out about the games we love to play and the universes we love to visit.

Here’s some of the really awesome cosplay I saw:

Rick Grimes and Darryl Dixon Cosplay Captain Planet Cosplay

I love love love that these young women decided to cosplay as the characters they love, even though those characters are male. I’ve seen tons of Doctor Who cosplay from women, and I think it’s extremely awesome that these ladies are not letting gatekeeper dipshits tell them that they can’t cosplay as the characters they love because of their gender. Kick ass!

I also got to see some really great examples of people getting excited and making things:

LEGO Tabletop painting!
LEGO Tabletop painting. Please enjoy the photobombing.
LEGO Tabletop painting!
Closer view of the LEGO Tabletop painting.


Wooden Gordie
This guy made this with a wood burning thing.
Watercolour Wesley
This young woman (I think her name is Amanda) painted this Wesley in (I think) Watercolour. I wish I’d taken a closer shot of it, because it’s beautiful work.

I also made some custom Cards Against Humanity cards, that you shouldn’t look at, because they’re kind of NSFW.


They don’t all have to make sense, you guys.
The is the underlying premise of my script "Doctor Screw".
The is the underlying premise of my script for “Doctor Screw”.


I got to see some really neat stuff that I didn’t know existed, like Cosmic Boy action figures (I was excited because I played Cosmic Boy on Legion of Superheroes).

Cosmic Boy

I also got to sign a bunch of Robin stuff, because I play the Tim Drake Robin in DC Universe Online, as well as a bunch of cool Blue Beetle stuff (I played Ted Kord on Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and so far I’m the only actor to play that particular role!) that I wanted to just keep for myself.

Finally, some of you may remember Wesley Crusher’s Sweet-Ass Motherfucking Bouffant. If you do not remember Wesley Crusher’s Sweet-Ass Motherfucking Bouffant, I suggest you go look at Wesley Crusher’s Sweet-Ass Motherfucking Bouffant right now. GO NOW I WILL WAIT.

At the con, I met a delightful young woman called Marty. Marty’s friend Hannah is the creative genius who made sure the world knew about Wesley Crusher’s Sweet-Ass Motherfucking Bouffant. I was so excited to meet her, I had to sign special pictures for the two of them:

Wil Wheaton's Bad Ass Motherfucking Fez

To Hannah: Look at this fucking sweet bad ass motherfucking fez. And what the fuck?! That’s right, it’s a false fucking moustache on top of a real motherfucking hot shit panty-dropping real moustache!

Back Right the Fuck Up And Look At This Motherfucking Picture

To Marty

Back right the fuck up and look at this sweet-ass motherfucking non-bouffant.



In gold, Wil fucking Wheaton

We laughed really hard while I was writing these things down, which made me very happy, on account of me being easily amused.

I had a great weekend, and I though I have a few more stories to recount, I’m in the airport waiting to go to Indianapolis for GenCon, and it’s time for me to get on my plane and go PLAY MORE GAMES!

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  1. Thanks for coming to Chicago. You were the sole reason we came to Wizard World – not to say we didn’t want to see anyone else, we did… I digress. Now I sound like a lying stalker… SHIT. Sooooooo… seeing how I’m writing out that I can’t use my backspace key but really can in an effort to sound funny, I’ll move on.

    Thank you for coming to Chicago. It was a blast meeting you. Being the dude that was next to meet yuou but instead had the awesome privilege to watch you reunite with a friend from 4th fucking grade is AWESOME. I’ve met a lot of celebrities. Weird Al was on the absolute top of my list who I thought would NEVER be dethroned as the king of awesome. You sir, have beaten Weird Al to a pulp with your sharp steel-brimmed Sparks McGee cowboy hat and then ran him over with your Trans-Am. Sorry, Weird Al. And another ‘Anyways…’ The experience to see you be as genuine as genuine can be and to take time to catch up with a long lost friend – in front of fans – is REALLY cool. No ego there, no false personality – just pure and genuine WHEEEEAAAATONNNN!

    Thanks for being a regular dude. Come back to Chicago, soon!

  2. What gets me about cosplay gatekeepers: it wasn’t too long ago that this would get you labelled a freak and, probably, subject you to brutal bullying. I guess some folks need a purist strain to make themselves feel empowered.

    For me, the more cosplay the better. Of course, I’m fine with big, hairy guys cosplaying Sailor Moon. Viva Geek!

  3. It was great to meet you at the show, Wil! While I was waiting in line for an autograph I noticed something about you that is different than a lot of other celebs that attend these cons and it’s that you took time to talk to your fans if they engaged you….and you genuinely seemed to enjoy it! I was really impressed and when conversation with other people at the con and friends back home that was one of the first things I said about you. There is nothing more disappointing than looking forward to meeting a celeb that you like before the con, waiting in line in anticipation at the con then stepping up and they and they could care less that you’re there. Thanks for being kick ass…..even though Lou came over from his side of the curtain and completely interrupted our conversation. *sigh* lol

    P.S. – As much as I follow your blog and Twitter you think I’d have known not to try and shake your hand….but I did. You went to a fist bump and didn’t make it awkward so thanks for that too. lol

    1. The best part of Lou interrupting us was how happy he made my wife. She has been taking steroids for a sinus infection, and keeps talking about how she’s “Hulking out” on them (not really), and she asked him if he’d take a picture with her where they’re both doing the Hulking out pose. I haven’t heard a lot of good things about Lou over the years, so I was expecting him to be nasty about it, but he was enthusiastic and friendly and genuinely excited to take the picture with her. He could not have been kinder to her, and that made me very happy! I’m glad you got to be part of that, sort of :)

      1. I met Lou at ECCC a few years ago. He was very friendly until, as part of telling him what a fan I was as a child, I imitated my six year old self doing a Hulk pose at which point he completely cooled off and lost interest. I felt like I’d made a faux pas.

  4. I am going to work “back the fuck up” into conversation at the meeting I have today. If I am still employed afterwards, I’ll know I’m in the right place.

  5. So glad you enjoyed your trip to our fair city – Midwesterners are the BEST. Love that you signed the collating paper photo – favorite web-personality crossover episode!

  6. GenCon happily awaits your return, dear sir. Here’s to continuous gaming in a life that most assuredly does not suck.

    Welcome to Indy, Wil! :)

  7. The ‘Shaving the balls a little too closely’ cards was me! Thanks so much again.

    Also, you have an extremely firm handshake. haha.

  8. Wil, my name is Edward Montalvo. I’m the guy who wood burned that portrait of you. The technical name of this type of media is pyrography( = fire writing ). My son told me about your post so its cool to see my piece online. I can make one for you for the cost of 4 autographs. If any of your fans is interested in a piece, I do accept commissions and can make one of any image for them. If anyone is interested, my Twitter account is @Edward_Montalvo just send me a tweet.

  9. My very favorite recent cosplay pics that are floating around the interwebs are the big, hairy guy as Hit-Girl and the petite woman as Kick-Ass. And I’m “crossplaying” at in a few weeks at Dragon*Con, so thanks for the endorsement! 😀

    Glad you had a good time, Wil, and thanks for sharing your con with us.

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