Comment sign-in update

Status Report 09.02.11 1911: Lots of you have reported continual problems with the WordPress Social login plugin, so I’ve decided to try deactivating it and enabling the Jetpack comment sign-in, instead. If I did it right, you should be able to sign in for commenting with a WordPress account, Twitter account, or Facebook Account. I hope this helps improve your commenting experience.

2040: Well, turns out that there are some settings here that don’t play nice with each other, and lots of you are still having trouble. I’m getting too old for this shit, so I’ve gone back to the WP-Social setup that was working for 90% of you, instead of the new way that seemed to be failing for 95% of you.

11 thoughts on “Comment sign-in update”

  1. It worked with my google account! I was one of the ones who had problems with the WP auth not letting me use reasonable passwords before, so as long as I can sign in, I don’t care! πŸ˜€

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