the return of the infamous clown sweater

Longtime readers of the blog are probably familiar with the Infamous Clown Sweater, and the strange role it’s played in my life for over ten years.

I don’t know what happened to the actual sweater, and I’ve never heard from its owner since that one fateful night at DNA Lounge so long ago, but for a few of us* it is a silly thing that makes us happy. It’s sort of an inside joke that we share, and I love that.

So, today at shirt.woot, you can get your own version of it, designed by me and my pal Rich Stevens. If you’re one of the few, you may want to pick one up. In fact, I hope you will, so that we can coordinate some massive picture at GenCon or something like that, where a bunch of us are wearing it … because people need help with their nightmares.


*probably a few thousand, but still, a few

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  2. I am a newcomer to the Clown Sweater Saga, and after reading so many warm, fuzzy anecdotes about the sweater, I feel as if I actually have worn it myself. Really, I am all itchy and scratchy right now…Mr. Wheaton, thank you for giving me a rash. I am humbled….

  3. Dear Mr. Wheaton- I am currently holed up in the back corner of my school’s library working on my case study (on spring break no less) that will determine whether or not after 3.5 years I get a graduate degree. After one hour of good solid work I reward myself with ten minutes on the internet- thank you for making this ten minute break hilariously awesome :-)

  4. I cannot being to describe how unspeakably happy this makes me. Nervous, scared and intimidated …. but happy nonetheless.

  5. This is one of the greatest things in human history. The story of Clown Sweater will surely appear in history tomes of the future. Because we happy few (thousand) are the ones who will survive the apocalypse, of course.

  6. You know, I have a vast supply of genuine, 1980s vintage crappy knitting yarn that came with my knitting machine when I bought it off Craigslist and it suspiciously contains all of those colors.

    I don’t know how to knit Intarsia (large blocks of color) on the machine yet, but I’m getting this strange feeling that I might need to learn. Soon.

  7. some once asked Lon Chaney Sr. what was the the Scariest thing that could happen to him he said ” in the wee hours of the morning living in a farmhouse on a not oft traveled road the doorbell rings… you open the door and therestands a Clown

  8. See, I always thought that it was Wil’s way of having a crack at the makers of the IT movie for not extending his streak of starring in Stephen King novel-adapted movies to two.. is that just me? :)

    Great initiative! To bad you cant make it downunder to some of the Australia equivs of ComicCon

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