Outtakes of me and Chris Hardwick

On tonight’s Wil Wheaton Project, my friend Chris Hardwick came by to do something really silly and funny. I don’t want to give away the joke, because I think it’s a good one, but here are some outtakes that don’t give anything away:

I’m grateful to my network for giving me permission to do this, and I hope that it’s only the beginning of me getting to share all sorts of stuff from the show that doesn’t make it into the final cut.


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  1. Please produce the Evil Wil Wheaton (Big Bang Theory) and Dick Chris Hardwick (Maron) road buddy flick!

  2. It’s odd. I feel like I grew up with you. Like you’re a neighbor or a cousin. We grew up at the same time, had similar childhoods, loved the same stuff and dealt with a lot of the same crap. So I have that excited feeling you get when someone you know is about to be on tv. Except that everyone knows you and you’re on tv all the time. I know, I know. But this one feels different. Like it’s all you. Your thing. You’re not playing a recurring role. Way cool Wes. Us nerds are proud of ya.

    1. I feel lucky to have been able to watch Wil’s show.He made me laugh..belly laughs. His knowledge and views on sci-Fi and Fantasy genre,and horror feed his sense of humor and we get well it was pretty special. If it’s not your cup of tea okay,change the channel.
      But Wheaton was on fire tonight and I hope he stays on the sci-fi channel for a long time.

    2. I had higher expectations because I love Wil. The two primary things “wrong” with this show (hopefully, only the premiere, and they’ll fix the issues by episode two) were:
      1. standing in front of a green/blue screen. On my HDTV, I was able to see the “edges” of Wil and Chris, and it was incredibly off-putting
      2. the VOLUME of the audience laughter obliterated my ability to hear the next thing out of Wil’s mouth, which inevitably was the better “joke.”
      That’s all. I do hope it improves, as your comfort level undoubtedly will, Wil.

  3. Loved the show! Just please be careful about that thing with the girls in bikinis . . . you’re better than that.

  4. OMG Wheaton! The show was hilarious. My fav parts were the Hardwick bits and the Neil DeGrasse Tyson stuff. Snorted my drink outta my nose on the second one. Even my wife loved it! Bravo. I look fwd to next week’s episode.

  5. Because you’re awesome, this hardcore Smashing Pumpkins fan will allow the Billy Corgan joke. 😉 The parts I laughed most at were the “Gotham” comments, the stoned guy, and the “you’ll think you’ll see boobs but you won’t!” IMHO, signing off with either, “Don’t be a dick” or “Follow Wheaton’s Law” would rock.

  6. Wow!! Just saw Wil Wheaton Project. Get ready to be a star… again …um I mean more of. No week spots, just funny after funny. The Walking Dead bit was sooo funny. Room mates that didn’t even get the reference were laughing like crazy!!! The reviews of cancelled shows was spot on.And the dig at Sci-Fi channel was justified and righteous. You managed to pack a lot of stuff in a short show. The funniest t.v. I have seen …ever. I hope you do this for a long time.

  7. Yay you! Live in Vegas and signed up (on the wait-list of course, cause I’m a slacker) to hopefully catch one of your shows. Congratulations and the Cosmos sketches were fantastic!

  8. Very funny Walking Dead theme song. I can’t help but think you were inspired by a similar bit on the TV series Supernatural.

    Good luck with “our” show.

  9. Brilliantly fantastic show! My husband and I loved it. I think his favorite parts were the Neil DeGrasse Tyson bits. My favorites were…all of them. <3

  10. The first few minutes were shaky admittedly, but then the show hit it’s groove and I was laughing the rest of the show.

    I like this format, as it’s similar to John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight. I don’t have time to watch a show every single night (like the Daily Show) but Last Week Tonight gives me a solid recap of what’s been going on and I don’t have to devote 30 minutes every day.

    This show fills that niche for me and as a bonus, it focuses on geek/nerd culture which is great. Loved the show, will be watching next week.

  11. Is anyone carrying this in Canada? I still can’t find out anything about it. WANT!

    1. No, Wil mentioned in an earlier blog post that it’s only available in the US. But there are services like Unblock-US that you can use to watch it on Hulu.com from Canada.

      I’m planning on watching it via a less scrupulous route, because I want to watch it on my TV… But I’ve also got it set up to stream via Hulu so the fine folks at SyFy can register that I did, in fact, watch it.

  12. Followed Wil for ages on this website and twitter and recently donated a fair amount to help fund TT S3. Was really looking forward to this. As I’m in the UK it took me a while today to find a download of last nights show and tbh, after watching it, I wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be.

    I laughed a couple of times, 1st was the Puff Daddy unicorn clip and the 2nd time was at the walkie talkie joke at the end.

    I hope it picks up next week.

  13. Just watched the first episode, glad it is available on the Internets with the pipes and the cats and the Wil Wheaton telling us about nerd stuff and the laughing mm-mm hey hey.

  14. Just watched on syfy.com. As a courtesy to the network’s 20th century advertising based business model, I turned off AdBlock. So one ad for a drug that treats some condition that I can’t remember what it is and do not suffer from stopped playback until I clicked on a partially hidden button (boo) and another ad for a toilet paper brand that we already use stopped playback altogether (double boo) requiring a reload page/seek past 2nd commercial break. Fortunately unpausing AdBlock ensured smooth and continuous playback through the remaining commercial break.

    As far as the show itself, it had plenty of funny bits that I’ll watch the next episode and I’m curious to see how it develops and hits a groove. Towards the beginning I thought some of the audience laughter/reactions sounds a little forced or maybe even canned, this might have been due to the volume as emelle posted above or maybe the acoustics in the studio where you are filming. Other than that, it was a good first episode!

  15. Perfectly geek-awkward. Loved the energy level. Well done. I’m sure you have all kinds of ideas for making it even better next time, but I’ll share some from this over-the-hill nerd. It seemed to lack an intro, you just started riffing. Maybe something like “I’m Wil; you may know me from ” done. Also, there was a structure there with segments etc. but the audience is left clueless in advance — maybe some graphic like ESPN that says what’s coming next? Loved how you used hand gestures to express yourself. Hated how obvious the cue-card-reading parts were.

    Great great content. Loved the Tyson and Malkovich. Loved how the content was all-over-the-place (Vikings??). Appreciated that you didn’t shy off the gore.

    Needs more Wheaton :-). Maybe a Star Trek reference/guest or three? Or some “embarrassing” stills/video from your past work?

    Great project. Keep it up!

    1. Correcting my prior comment — you did do an intro of sorts *with* an embarrassing old poster. I somehow didn’t register that the first time; it just flew by. (Very funny about “seeing thru them” btw. :-))

  16. Love the show. The wonder twins bit was hilarious! My constructive criticism: more of you genuinely laughing. I love that.

  17. Set up my comuter so that I could watch the show on syfy.com. I really enjoyed it (and I rarely watch TV anymore). Look forward to seeing more of your show, Wil.

  18. Very nice! Long time/first time, with some well-meant constructive criticism: I thought you came off a bit smarmy, which caused an unpleasant disconnect for me. You can *play* smarmy but I don’t think you *are* smarmy, and the more authentic “real Wil” we see the more eager we’ll be to invite you into our homes every week. Joel McHale pulls off a charming smarminess, but I think the difference between the Soup and the WWP is that McHale truly has no respect for the programs he skewers while you do. The attitude comes from a different place. Very much looking forward to how the Project evolves and you make it ever more your own!

    1. thank you for putting words to what we all may have experienced (our discomfort, that is)! Smarmy = no bueno. Keep it real, Wil. Don’t be a dick! :)

  19. First congratulations on your show and I hope you have a long run.

    Some comments: TONE IT DOWN! You’re not at a con and have to emote quite as much. Also, fix the green screen. Have them give you a desk or at least something, after all you’re not doing this for E!

    With the G4 channel gone and EP Daily relegated to the 2:00AM slot, You are, “Last Great Hope” (sorry you weren’t in that one).


  20. Congrats on the great show! Funny stuff! Love the Tyson bits. Do you even read these comments? Probably don’t have time. Anyway, looking forward to next week’s show.

    1. I think he does read the comments. Someone else may moderate, but I think Wil does still have an interest in what his fans have to say, busy as he is. He may not respond, due to time constraints, but that wasn’t what you asked. 😉

      1. I read everything, and handle all the moderation myself. This is a one-man operation, with occasional help from Mysterious Kevin when the server gets cranky.

  21. First night performance is rarely the way things will go over the long run; jitters are healthy and you always have opportunities to tweak things long before your format is cast in stone.

    Take some deep cleansing breaths, step back, and have fun with it!

    Break a proverbial leg,


  22. Kudos on a great first show! First shows are a lot like first dates or first time sex with a new partner. They’ll have awkward moments but a lot of *just right* moments that tells everyone involved that it’ll only get better from here.

    I do have to admit that for me the weakest point was the interaction between you and Chris Hardwick. I’m chalking it up to not being as “in the know” so probably missed a lot of the humor and significance of “inside jokes”. However, the out-takes are hilarious.

    Continue being true to your Self, Wil Wheaton…and well done!

  23. I LOVE THIS SHOW! It reminds me of the original SciFi Channel show “Sci/Fi Buzz” mixed with “The Daily Show” or “The Soup.” The show is set to record on my DVR.

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