I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.

Let’s get the important news out of the way first: The Wil Wheaton Project is moving from 10pm to 9pm, starting next week. I don’t know why, but I am told that it’s a good thing, because of reasons. Our ratings have been good, growing with each new episode, which I am also told is what the network expected. I am also trying very hard to just ignore the ratings, because the thing I need to be focused on is being as funny and creative and awesome as I can be. The only reason I care about ratings at all is because I genuinely love the people I work with, and I want to work with them for a very long time.

I was hoping my beloved LA Kings would sweep the Rangers last night, but the hockey gods (and a little snow fort) had different plans. The upshot of this is that I get to go to another hockey game this season.

Here’s what The Pirate Bay has to say about our show as of about noon pacific today:

Wil Wheaton Project Episode Three Torrent
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I have been advised by people who don’t understand me that I should be “more careful with [my] online image” because I’m hosting a show with my name in the title. One person even said to me, “Listen, instead of [list of pretty much everything I do], here’s what your Twitter followers want to hear about from you …” and it took everything I had to not say, “I’m sorry, are you talking about the 2.5 million people who I keep telling not to follow me because I’m lame, but they do anyway because they seem to enjoy exactly what you told me not to do?” So instead, I said, “Thank you. I’ll think about that.” Which is true, because I did think about it, for about one second. Then, I decided that this is pretty much how I will respond to people who tell me to change who I am because of reasons:

Wil Wheaton Takes Everything Very Seriously

More than one person on Twitter observed that that picture is pretty much my online image already.  I have to agree. #Butts.


112 thoughts on “I get my kicks above the waistline, sunshine.”

  1. You’re exactly right, I’ve been following you for like 14 years I think so they can suck it. Don’t go all Hollyweird please. 😉

  2. I haven’t seen your show and probably never will on account of living in South Africa and to be honest I’m not a clip show fan, but If I could, I’d watch it, cos it’s you. I don’t need any other reason. You are just that awesome.

  3. Wil, If this get out i deny it. I was hoping the L.A. King would sweep it to but my wife is Ranger fan. To make here happy I cheer in silence.

  4. Tell them you considered their Twitter advice for a time. How long a time? “0.68 seconds sir. For an android, that is nearly an eternity.”

    (I just rewatched all the Trek movies, from The Motionless Picture to Nemesis — I’ll rewatch Star Trek: The Apple Shop Regeneration some other time — and I was most pleased at your cameo. I waved! Did you see me?)

  5. Sheesh. Did this little gem of a strategy come from a Marketing Drone?

    Speaking about being who you are, when I saw the article today about the guy who bubble mapped variants of the word “fuck” on Reddit, I immediately thought “Huh, and what percentage of those posts belong to Wil Wheaton?”

    But that’s only because I’ve been binge-watching Tabletop this week… so there.

    The spell checker keeps changing the naughty, naughty words in this post to “puck”, etc…. mucking spellchecker.

    I’m glad for your success, you’ve worked your ass off for it; but I confess to really missing your narrative stories. Those stay with me, even years later. So I’m looking forward to that time coming around again; being the selfish prick that I am.

  6. No one knows what it means to be the bad man: this is the face of a man who does not fear image consultants or dealing with wet yucky stuff at the dog park. Either way, same face – keep on making it.

  7. What’s with the pouty, hands on hips look? How does the watching On Demand count in the grand scheme of ratings for ya?

    1. I am so glad that I wasn’t the only one who read the entry with that song stuck in my head.

  8. Now my DVR thinks NO episodes are new. I’m viewing it as any movement is progress. Oh, and ask Mr. Network Wonk how many followers he has. Then give him tips for increasing that pitifully low number, starting with authenticity.

  9. One should never ever ever adjust what they put on their twitter timeline to appease their followers. Rather, the followers should adjust who they follow so that their feed appeases themself.

    It’s quite ridiculous that people actually try to make you adjust what you do and don’t tweet depending on their own person likes and dislikes, to the chagrin of everyone else who follows you because they like what currently comes through on your feed.

  10. It was only a few years ago that I watched all of the newer Star Trek series (Next Gen to Enterprise). I was a geek/nerd that didn’t realize they I was one until way later. xD
    I came across Table Top (Unspeakable Words episode) and I was hooked. It got me into Geek and Sundry. Season 3 of Table Top AND The Wil Wheaton Prokect? “YUUUUUUSSSSSSSsSsSsS!!!”.

    Wil Wheaton, you are the gateway geek. I bow to you, good sir.

  11. Right on!!!! We love your show because you’re YOU! Your fans know you’re awesome just the way you are. The person who told you to change must not really understand nerds. They think you should have some fake, polished, boring online persona. I hope they can feel me rolling my eyes right now.

  12. Well I personally would like to thank the un-named marketing exec who had the decency to tell you what we want you to be like. As with all of the other 2,499,999 followers I am at present only following you because some day I expect you to stop being you and instead become network drone #2225345611.

    Certainly what this world needs more of right now is fake people who exist purely to appeal to the largest base possible (also known as the lowest common denominator) because god knows we don’t have enough of them.

    Perhaps when you do assimilate you could maybe stop doing all the really cool stuff that people are absolutely passionate about (TableTop being the most obvious example) and instead do some kind of mediocre reality TV show that we can all watch with our brains switched off.

  13. Wil, tell them they don’t know your viewers. What they want is caution, normalcy, to not push the envelope and not blur the lines. But that’s why we love you. You are you and we don’t want you any other way. You get honesty from us because you’re honest WITH us. Please don’t ever change. We (my family and I) love your show and love Table Top. btw, they probably still believe in the Neilson ratings. insert raspberry blowing here____________!

  14. “Thanks, I’ll think about that” was probably the right answer. Says the guy who has been listening to Christopher Titus’ latest CD in the car all week.

  15. Thanks for sharing Wil! How can you be anyone other than yourself?? They might have meant well, but that was bad advice. And you handled it just right. Keep on being you.

  16. How many geek tweets did you get saying that was Captain Cold and not Mr Freeze in the Robot Chicken studio? 😀

    Tweet what you want! If a follower doesn’t like what you have to say, there’s the unfollow button. The idea that you should cultivate your online persona because someone thinks they know what the people following you want is crazypants.

    1. How many geek tweets did you get saying that was Captain Cold and not Mr Freeze in the Robot Chicken studio? 😀

      All of them :)

  17. I don’t always agree with you in the music or movies you like and I swipe through all your Hockey tweets but this answer to “take care of your image” advice earns my respect.

  18. Great episode this week Wil, it’s like you listened to all my complaints about the previous episode. You probably didn’t but I’m going to pretend you did.

  19. The title of the thread made me smile… Favorite album from way back…course everyone thought me a nerd then…

    Keep doing what you are doing and make sure to take the time to enjoy it even when it is hectic like now.

  20. I watched the first few episodes of your show, and I like it just because it’s so loopy and irreverant. I think we take ourselves far too seriously these days, and sometimes you just need to LAUGH. Keep doing what you do. Nice 80’s reference in the post title there, Chess-man. 😉

  21. Dear Wil Wheaton,

    Congratulations on the success for The Wil Wheaton Project, and long may it continue… However, please, Tabletop first, Wil Wheaton Project second… :)

    (don’t you just hate it when your cult heroes go mainstream… )

    “play more games”


  22. Sucks that piratebay only has the 720p version to download. Can’t any of those jokers downconvert to standard resolution so it doesn’t take that long to download your show? Who wants to watch Wil in HD anyway?

    Love the show.

  23. I may, or may not, have been forced to watch the show outside normal channels because it’s not available in or from the UK, and it’s very good. I hear.

    The only negative reaction I may, or may not, have had, depending on whether I watched it (or not), was around the Tom Cruise joke.”That Tom Cruise, right! LOL!” (nudge nudge) “Won’t be seeing his films until…EVER!”

    That wasn’t based on the quality of the film, or his performance, but purely on your (or your writers’) opinion of him. That stuff needs to be cut out at the source, IMO.

  24. Be yourself and make all of us nerds and geeks proud!! My husband and I don’t watch clip shows but we’re watching yours because it’s you and it is about our interests and hobbies. Keep it up!

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