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Lefty I’m left-handed, and it’s


I’m left-handed, and it’s really influenced the way I live my life.
See, I pride myself on living outside of the mainstream. I don’t want to be part of the teeming masses.
I must be different.
I must be anti-.
But being left handed has sort of…uh…shaded…that desire a little bit. I realized that this morning, as I was responding to Email about my PDA, which is a Palm, rather than a Visor.

I’ve got a Palm, but it’s looking more and more like the cool kids have a handspring. See, I got a Palm because I am left handed. Let me explain: being a lefty, once a year, as a child, I’d walk into the sporting goods store, and walk past aisle after aisle of right-handed gloves on my way to the half of a shelf of left-handed gloves. And I would pick over the dusty gloves that I didn’t pick last year. Or the year before.
I had a Mac way back in the day (it was a 128), and I would go to the software store, and walk past aisle after aisle of PC software, past “Doom” and “SimEverything” on my way to the Mac shelf on the back, where I would look excitedly at “MacDraw” and “MacPaint”. So when it was time to buy a PDA, I went in and said “I want the most widely used one.”
It’s the only time I’ve been willing and eager to be part of the masses.
But I think I want to be one of the cool kids, now. Or at least pretend that I am.

Wesley is Dead, Long Live Wesley!

Indie sent me a really entertaining email while I was /away, and she mentioned to me that she started the “Wesley doesn’t suck” thread on this message board. Indie sounds really cool, and her website is cool too. And I’m not just saying that because she said “Wesley Crusher was sexy”.
So there.

Mini Vans Slorge makes

Mini Vans

Slorge makes my point about minivans:

On minivans, the thing minivans have going for them…is that they look like shuttle craft from Star Trek! Especially now with the TV/vcr combo’s, Onstar systems, radar detectors, cel phones, etc., You’ve practically got a bridge on that ship.

Great. Just ^%@#*ing great. So I drove over 18 hours in a $%!ing shuttlecraft. I do not have the words to express how mortified I am

Home At Last Hey gang.

Home At Last

Hey gang. I’m back home from my wife’s birthday trip to Tahoe.
Holy crap, we had so much fun. If many of you were noticing that, in the last few days, you haven’t been having any fun, it’s our fault. We were having, to quote my step-son, “all the fun!”
There’s too much to put up now, because, even though I’ve been in the car for nine hours, I’m getting ready to have a meeting with Roger Avary about The Rules Of Attraction. Hopefully, when I return tonight, I’ll be able to tell you all about our trip, including:

  • The Rafting Trip
  • Swimming To The Pontoon
  • The Bear
  • And I’ll be able to slip in some really good news, somthing along the lines of “I got a cool part in the movie!”
    So be good, and Uncle Willie will tell you a story when he gets back.
    And a big “thanks!” (That’ll be really funny once you see Lifegame) to the 7 of my beloved friends who sent me email while I was gone.