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Fury of Dracula!

Here are two of my very favorite episodes from this season of Tabletop.

I’m delightfully busy at the moment, so instead of writing all about how much I love this game and a whole bunch of other things, I’m going to hit publish, eat breakfast, and go to work.

Tabletop Season Four: Monarch

It’s finally here! Tabletop is back on YouTube, where anyone can watch it how and when they want! Yay!

We return with Monarch, a delightful game that I just loved playing, with three amazing humans who I am so lucky to call my friends.

A personal note to my friend Ashley Clements: I’m sorry they picked such an unflattering photo for the thumbnail. I’m throwing up my hands at this point.

Tabletop Season 4: LANTERNS

IMG_20160510_101610Well, we had to wait an infuriatingly long time, but it’s finally here! Season Four of Tabletop kicks off with Lanterns, a delightful tile-laying game that’s super easy to teach and learn, and a great infection vector for introducing new people to our hobby.

For those who aren’t familiar with Ivan and Becca’s great show, Game the Game, it’s sort of a sister show of Tabletop. They play games every week, live on Twitch*, with interesting people. I remember when we were in production on Titansgrave, I saw Ivan during lunch and asked him if he’d ever played Lanterns, because I thought it was a great fit for his show. He told me that he thought it was a great game, but that he didn’t want to play it because he didn’t want to take something away from Tabletop.

I reminded Ivan that I don’t believe we’re in competition, and that I thought it would be awesome to see him play it on his show, even if I was going to play it on Tabletop at some point. They also do a really cool thing on Game the Game where they talk about strategy in front of each other, because it isn’t about winning, it’s about the experience of playing the game.

“Do you want to come play it with us?” He asked me.

“Yeah, I’d love that,” I said.

So I did, and Becca cheated because that’s what she does.

During that episode, I realized that I could invite them, and their Twitch overlord, Zac (who worked his ass off to get the Twitch channel up and running and was instrumental in helping it grow to the amazing thing it is) to come play Lanterns on Tabletop, as a rematch, and a fun way to launch the season.

All of that was nearly a year ago, and today you can finally watch us play.

Here’s an embed:

And if you can’t see it, just click this link to watch Lanterns.

*or they did, at least. I don’t know if Legendary has moved or canceled it since Alpha happened.

Tabletop News: season four starts on November second

Some fine TableDerp.
Some damn fine TableDerp.


Hey look, Legendary decided to release Season 4 of Tabletop tomorrow … sort of.

The first two episodes of the season will be on YouTube as usual, then Legendary’s moving the show to their Alpha subscription service.

The show will continue to stream on Alpha, and then, on January 30, 2017, the Alpha exclusivity window will end, and show will pick back up on YouTube with episode 3. So if you choose not to sign up for Legendary’s streaming subscription service, that’s when you’ll be able to find our show where it’s always been.

At the moment, I can’t really share my personal feelings on this whole thing, but I’m pretty sure that I can say this: however and whenever and wherever you choose to watch our show, I hope you enjoy it. It’s a good season, and I’m really proud of it.

Here’s the trailer for S04: