New Tabletop! Get Bit, Tsuro, and Zombie Dice! Ryan Higa! Rod Roddenberry! Freddie Wong!

These quick casual games are so much fun to play, and they're a great infection vector for getting your friends to try out gaming.



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38 thoughts on “New Tabletop! Get Bit, Tsuro, and Zombie Dice! Ryan Higa! Rod Roddenberry! Freddie Wong!”

  1. Where did you find the brain tokens you used? They looked great.
    Three cool little games, will have to pick up Get Bit! at some point.

  2. I don’t know if you’re releasing them in the order that you shot them, but you seem to have relaxed into the host role in this one. I loved the interstitial segments especially.
    I love this idea! Hope for a long run for the series.

  3. Once again another great show which means I will be going out and buying 1 if not 2 of the games in the show. I already have Zombie Dice and just found out there is an expansion to the game. I really like Steve Jackson Games.

  4. Yeah, this was one of the back 10 we shot, so I felt WAY more relaxed and comfortable. I'd also done editing on some of the first 10, so I knew what I liked and didn't like from that week of production.
    Thanks for watching, and for your kind words!

  5. I started watching this when it was nearly midnight. Thought I might watch for five minutes or so. Ended up watching the whole damn thing. Figures.

  6. I tweeted this, G-plussed it, posted it to my blog, liked it on Facebook, gave it the thumbs up, will leave a comment on the video and I logged in here with my Facebook account and since I thought it was wrong that Typepad wanted to get the permission to post to my wall I simply clicked the grey X on the right and took that permission away from Typepad.
    And all was good.
    Now: AWESOME video!
    I never watched a single DoTA video or a Starcraft game, never really liked watching Q3 Deathmatches but this… I HATE Settlers of Catan because I always play with couples who push each other AND I get shitty dice-rolls but watching you guys play last time and these bite-sized games now – awesome.
    I want more! MAKE MORE! Show me Munchkin! Never played it, always wanted to know how it works. Gogogogo!!1!1! :-)

  7. We played Munchkin! I think that episode will air in June or July. Thanks for all your feedback and thanks for watching!

  8. Loved it! First time watching TableTop. Had all the elements of a great show…comedy, suspense and a surprise ending :-) I added Tsuro to the list of games to get. Looks like a great and quick family game for Thanksgiving– now that I’ve been banned from playing Dominos since I creme the in-laws every time >:-)

  9. Get Bit is the first game so far that I haven’t already owned and loved. So I have, of course, just ordered a copy. I am loving Table Top so far and I am looking forward to future episodes expanding my already gargantuan game collection (it’s so large the sheer weight of it ripped the shelving out of the basement wall). A family favorite for us is Bohnanza. I’d love to see you take a crack at some bean farming. :-)

  10. Another excellent episode! I’ll second what others have said, you’ve definitely improved in the host role. The show is just as good, or better, when you’re more relaxed and not trying to be “on”, and seem to be more focused on enjoying the games and awesome, nerd-gasm inducing company.
    This and Ms. Day’s Flog have become two of my all-time favorite web-based shows.

  11. You know, I know you’re the host and you don’t want to pwn your friends, but… it’s okay if you win at least once, Wil. 😉
    Seriously though, I like how the Zombie Dice game started. It really reminds me that one of the reasons we game is that on “any given Sunday” (to borrow a sportsball phrase) anyone can own at a game. Even though there is strategy involved, some times all the stars just align, and it’s as if you are using magic to control the dice. So, every time you roll the dice you’re never sure exactly how it’s all going to work out – and that’s great fun.

  12. I clicked on the table top link and the first thing that came up was an advert for Chanel Nº5.
    Now it was my understanding that geek royalty was supposed to smell like home brew and dodgy nachos. Nº5 is Day’s influence isn’t it?

  13. I’d love to be able to watch Tabletop on my iPhone while I’m on the train. Is there any way to download these from YouTube and play them offline?

  14. After meeting yourself and Aaron I was inspired to see what you were up to these days and found Tabletop.
    After years of slaving to our business responsibilities and burning ourselves out, I’ve just bought hubby Smallworld for his birthday and myself Tsuro (more my thing). It’s nice for the reminder that there’s other things to do then watch TV and still get to relax at home together.
    So, I think the show is achieving it’s goal…getting the newbies and experienced excited by the world of tabletop games :) so much more than monopoly out there …
    Best of luck!

  15. Tsuro is one of our “gateway” games – the game we pull out to entice non-gamers to play board games with us. “The first one is free…”, we totally do not say. I’ve never heard that the tokens were supposed to be dragons flying – is that actually in the rules, or is it an embellishment you added? Also, as I said over at youtube, I like to play Tsuro “blind”, with my cards face down until I have to place them – this appeals, I think, to the over all zen/taoist elements of the game.

  16. I think when you know this series is coming to an end, your very last program should be Avalon Hill’s DIPLOMACY. And at the end of the game have everyone stomp out screaming at the winner and others, just like how just about every game of DIPLOMACY ends in the real world.

  17. My husband and I got my son started gaming in Pre-School with Tsuro since it didn’t involve math and the rules were simple enough (we would give him do-overs of course). I bought Zombie Dice at GenCon (the year you were there) and taught him to play it in the airport on the way home. He even took that game to school this year (first grade) for game day. He loves gaming and these quick ones can keep his attention. He even enjoyed watching this video with me and has asked if we can buy Get Bit.

  18. I’m really enjoying these Tabletop episodes – thanks so much Wil!
    I just pre-ordered Get Bit from Mayday Games, as it’s not available anymore on Amazon. Looking forward to getting Tsuro, and see Small World and Settlers of Catan in my future as well.

  19. I’m so excited that there is a Munchkin episode in the future! I was hoping that would be one game you would play.
    Yesterday, we watched all three episodes you have up so far back to back and then all the interviews and outtakes. One of the best Sunday mornings I’ve had in a long, long time. :)

  20. I have just ordered (and pre-ordered) three new games. Just need to organise a game night with friends.
    Another good table top game is Jungle Speed. I first played the game in New Zealand, and we all just got WAY TOO competitive with the game. So much fun.

  21. We LOVE Jungle Speed. It's just too crazy and fast to put on television, though, so we had to limit ourselves to playing it like crazy during lunch.

  22. I love the music in the background during the explanations. Was it written for you, or is it canned? Any chance of getting details on that song?

  23. Wil, as far as simple fairly quick (30 minutes or so) games, you should try “The Resistance”. This would be a great game for the show. It’s all about table talking and simple strategy that would translate perfectly in a show like this.
    This game is super fun and very easy to understand for just about anyone. I would love to see this game on your show and I know it would work perfectly. And it takes about 30 minutes.
    Thanks for the great show. I love it each week.

  24. My friends and I, about nice of us in all, play this game just about everytime we have a game night; which is about twice a month. Quarriors is also another one of our favorites and might work for your show. Zombie Dice rocks! I love your show by the way and a few years ago we tried to do a show similar, without the celebrities, just my friends, through our Local Cable Access station only with Magic The Gathering. It was fun, but only lasted two shows and died because it took me like twelve hours of editing to get the show down to any reasonable length. I WAS the production crew. But it was fun and we might do it again someday.
    Enjoy the show immensely and look forward to it.

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