Some #Tabletop outtakes from our last episode… and Cthulhu

Here's some stuff we cut out of last week's episode of Tabletop, featuring a looooooong intro by me, for your amusement.

(Please enjoy how much people complain in the YouTube comments because my intro is longer than the outtakes I'm introducing. Awesome.)

22 thoughts on “Some #Tabletop outtakes from our last episode… and Cthulhu”

  1. My 12 year old son is currently obsessed with TableTop, and Cthulhu, and a certain redheaded Flog girl (but that’s a whole different thing) he’s going to love this clip. Love the show Wil …thanks greatly.

  2. That’s so cool that Anne will be joining you for a game! Any other family members in the future?
    Actually, since many of these games are played on family nights, it would be interesting to see an episode featuring the four of you! Game dynamics are so much different with family compared to friends.

  3. Your clip, your rules, and you rule! (in every sense of the saying)
    BTW, thanks for this show. I have wanted something like this for a long time. I am into board games, but I didn’t want to drop $$$ for the game until I knew I would like it. Reviews are OK, but I don’t get a feeling for gameplay. Seeing it played is both fun to watch, and gives me the information I need in determining if I want to purchase. I have already bought a few of them.
    Oh and my “Comic book guy” has this to say about your show and its ability to get me to buy games. “Best show EVER”
    Please keep the shows coming, love the show, love the information.

  4. Admittedly, I have fallen a little in love with the game Tsuro, but CANNOT FIND A PLACE TO GET IT IN TOWN!! Do I have to order it or does anyone know a place (in Austin, preferably) that I can go to get it? I want this game so badly before the end of the school year!

  5. I just tore through all three episodes, and really enjoyed it. Three quick questions:
    1. Is there a special link to buy the games (at Amazon or wherever) featured on the show that supports Tabletop?
    2. Will this show ever become an app on the Boxee Box?
    3. Is there a place to buy or download the “explaining” theme music? It’s been going through my head all day.
    Thanks Wil!

  6. I don’t see another way to tell you this, but you’re catching so much shit for posting the Wonka meme while being a *gasp* WHITE MALE! People who talk about privilege when a truth is spoken are cowards in my book. You have EVERY RIGHT to post that image, as its premise is correct: knowing what it feels like to be discriminated against, why be a dick to another minority?
    People are so stupid sometimes. Just because you’re white doesn’t mean you can’t make astute observations about minorities. Truth has no color. Rock on Wil!
    Signed, Michele Wallace (a black female who’s also made the same observation)

  7. Exactly. The best way to learn (about) a game is watching it being played and ideally with someone explaining what’s going on.

  8. It’s gag reels like that that show brilliantly how much work making the things you make actually is. Thanks for that.
    I noticed something still fell off the wall during the final cut. What was it?

  9. Woah. That's… wow. I've been avoiding the 'geek, because I've been afraid that I'm going to get torn apart for every mistake we make on Tabletop, so I didn't know that Geeklist existed. Thanks for letting me know!

  10. Wil, this is so fun, and I’m looking forward to TTR, one of my favorites!
    I did have a question about “Got Bit”: what’s the game theory, bluffing angle? The math nerd in me felt that the card play seemed mostly random-ish. Do you know what cards your opponents have available, or what?
    Thanks so much!

  11. On
    #3 Is there a place to buy or download the “explaining” theme music? It’s been going through my head all day.
    I contacted TableTop, and the responded :
    “We had all of our music composed by Andrew Volpe (@andrewvolpe) and Marc McClusky of the band Hot Problems”
    I have asked Andrew Volpe on his FaceBook page if there is somewhere where I can get the music.

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