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TableTopDay_300x600I was talking with my pal and Tabletop Day Super Make It All Happen Guy, Boyan, a bit earlier today, about what people will get when they go to one of their Friendly Local Gameshops to play games on Tabletop Day this Saturday.

Here’s what he sent me:

7 WONDERS — Catan Civilization Board
BELFORT — Promo cards
CASTLE PANIC — Multi-color Hero promo card
D&D — Drizzt promo card
DIXIT — Dragon promo card
DOMINION — Promo cards
ELDER SIGN — Promo card
FLUXX — Promo card assortment bundle
GLOOM — TableTop Day promo pack
MAGIC — Free Magic: the Gathering Cards
MAYFAIR — A whole sheet of promo tiles
MUNCHKIN — Killer bookmark
RESISTANCE — FULL GAME & promo card set
SPARTACUS — Promo card
SPOT IT — Spot It promo pack
TSURO — Tsuro of the Seas promo tiles

Some of you may be asking yourselves, “How do I get all this awesome free stuff?”

Easy! You just go to and search events that have stars as their icons. These are stores that are guaranteed to have the #TableTopDay retail launch kit. Stores that are listed with a playing card icon may have them, but it’s not guaranteed. We’re not sure how each store will decide to give away their various promotional items, but I’m fairly certain it will involve some sort of gaming experience.

What’s that? You want even more awesome stuff? Okay, how about a TabletopDay bundle from DriveThru RPG, that’s an entirely free set of RPG PDFs that includes quickstart rules for A Song of Ice And Fire RPG, Brass & Steel, Leverage RPG, Savage Worlds, D&D 4th Edition, and Mistborn? Or maybe you’d be interested in playing ACTION CASTLE, the first adventure in the Parsely system!

There’s a ton of free stuff and it’s all free to celebrate Tabletop Day. Also, it’s free. Because we love you. Also, don’t forget to download, print, paste, and cut out your very own stand-up me and Tabletop Trophy Of Awesome!

I have to say thank you to all the publishers who got on board with us, and are giving these amazing things to our fellow gamers, and to all my fellow gamers out there who are participating in something that’s so huge and epic, I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around it.

This is going to be so freaking great, you guys. Until TableTop Day … PLAY MORE GAMES!



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  1. #TableTopDay is such a terrific endeavor. You all are creating something wonderful here and I think a lot of people are going to have a great time on Saturday. Can’t wait for more episodes of the show, either. You’re doing good work, Wil and Bo. Onward.

  2. My husband & I were debating just staying at home to play games this Saturday, or venture out to an event. This seals the deal. I will get over any anxiety I have about playing games with strangers, & get cool promos to boot. So thanks to the sponsors for making TableTop Day that much cooler.

  3. Thanks for the shout-out to the DriveThruRPG TableTop Day page.

    It was great getting that set up and live this week. As you mentioned, lots of excellent Quickstarts, plus a few complete books like Scion: Hero and Little Fears Nightmare Edition. Some awesome games to play this weekend.

    1. (In fact, I’ve jsut had a look and seems like there’s almost no star events outside the US; I couldn’t find any in the UK and only 1 in Canada) which seems a bit crummy for an event that wants to be “International”.
      (sorry for the bitterness, I just hate it when we get left out of the really cool stuff).

      1. Hello Jake I can confirm that Battlequest Games in Horsham Sussex has a retail pack ( of similar construction to that above but with a few variations ) also if you come down early enough and join in a board game then you may be luck enough to be the recipient of one of 40 special edition BattleQuest Games commemorative #Tabletop 2013 dice that I have had created for the day.

  4. Even if your local game store didn’t partake in the box of goodies, many are doing their own thing to compensate. Don’t be afraid to stop by you local game store on Saturday regardless if they’re posted on Tabletop Game Day website or not. I’ve spoke with many retailers this week and they are many who are doing everything they can to help make International Tabletop Day a success!

  5. Aw, my local events all just have card symbols. I hope they’ll still have stuff. I was really hoping to be able to get the Gloom cards and the Munchkin bookmark. Oh well, even if they don’t, I’ll still get a fun day playing games, and that’s the really important thing.

  6. Oh, that I didn’t work Fri/Sat/Sun overnights and miss out on all the cool kids on the “weekends.” :(

    But I wish you all the best, those that can go! Play a round for me, will ya?

  7. I had really hoped that the FLGS I’m helping to run events at would be a premium location, because I am just DYING to have those gloom cards, but alas. I guess I’ll just have to have fun and play games anyway!

  8. We’re taking our soon to be 10-year-old daughter and some friends up to North GA for hiking, boating, and general outdoors excitement for her birthday, which happens to be March 30 (yes, her birthday is 03-30-03). But she’s all into this and is making sure we are packing Wits & Wagers Family Edition (the only Tabletop ep. she’s seen!) as well as a few card games and Jenga because she saw the Grant Imahara video promo online. We won’t be anywhere near other events, but we will be participating, taking pictures, and having a great time.

    So glad to see there will be a season 2 and hope there’s at least one “Family Edition” ep. every season!

  9. There are events happening all over the world, even if they are not starred! And I’m sure they will be doing a lot of their own cool things. For instance, Snakes and Lattes in Toronto (not only a retailer but the most awesome board game cafe … ever) is doing some really cool things. My game company, ThinkFun, wanted to sponsor International Tabletop Day but we couldn’t get a response from the organizers about how to do that. So we donated a tonne of sample packs of our new game Word Around ( to Snakes to give away! So just go out and play! Or host your own event! Let’s show the world that board games are NOT fading away, because many game companies numbers in 2012 fell flat and that’s what the industry is questioning! Events like this will show otherwise! I love games and I can’t wait until Saturday!

  10. Any chance some of these promos will be available for purchase in FLGS after Tabletop Day? I’m going to a friend’s place for game day and won’t have a chance to stop by a game store afterwards, at least not without a long train ride (and I’m not sure that game store would have the promos I’m interested in, particularly the Dominion promo.)

  11. Great work! I had an awesome time playing with my friend, but my local game store (which made an event on your site) wasn’t giving out the swag :(

      1. The store I was at was in the same boat. It was awful. Playing games and having fun… Man. Don’t throw me back in that briar patch. 😛 I hold out hope for getting a gloom promo set next year, though.

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