next time on tabletop: star wars x-wing

My editors at Geek & Sundry are amazing, and work very hard to turn hours of footage from several cameras into an awesome episode of Tabletop.

This is what the timeline looks like for next week’s episode, Star Wars X-Wing.

Star Wars X-Wing edit timeline

You can click that to embiggen and get a closer look. For those of you who do editing, you are probably going O.o right now. For those of you who don’t, each one of those boxes and lines represents a cut or a graphic or some other thing my editor, Steve, had to do to create this episode. I think he spent about 40 hours on this one episode.

All creative work for television and movies is a collaboration, and everyone is working together in service of something that’s bigger than all of us individually. Everyone works hard on their specific part of the process, and if we’re lucky, it all comes together to be something awesome.

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  1. I was once told that every movie is actually three movies: the movie that is written in the script, the movie that is filmed, and the movie that is edited. The people participating at each stage are creating their own art using the medium created by the people before them.

  2. That looks about right. I shoot my show with one camera. It’s around 10 minutes long every week and when I’m done, the timeline looks crazy like that. Editing is fun, though. Good times. Been interested in X-Wing so I’m looking forward to this episode.

  3. Will the episode be an hour and a half or is this the super secret “Director’s Cut”.

    That is pretty cool. I have messed around in Lightworks, but never had more than 5 video channels. The amazing part is it only takes 40 hours at this point, it would have taken weeks before NLE.

  4. AMAZING!!!!! I can’t wait to see this episode, I’ve been eagerly awaiting it ever since you mentioned it on one of the gag reels!

    Thank you to yourself, Steve, and everyone at Geek and Sundry / TableTop for such an awesome show!

  5. First, excellent use of a perfectly cromulant word and second, I’m excited to see Tabletop’s first two-player game. I’ve been holding off buying X-Wing before I can see it in action.

  6. Holy Cracker! I’m editing a music video of an acapella group at the moment. 3 cameras, 3 to 4 takes for each song. And I thought THAT was confusing!
    Absolute respect for editors who can keep track of that many layers of video and graphics!

  7. X wing is the best board game (other than talisman) I’ve ever played, and I’ve played tons. This episode is going to rock! To everyone who is ‘holding off to buy this game’ good! I hope you don’t buy any units. Stock is in short supply and every ship you don’t get is one that I might be able to pick up.

  8. Wow your editors even have a video track labelled up for “Wil on Sofa” as can be seen from the very last few clips edited in on the last few minutes [ note: this is a joke – maybe ]

  9. For a year or so I took video at our local Subaru rallies and made some videos to music. When I see that image above, I think how every little block is a little piece of love the editor was excited to add in at just the right time for just the right length with just the right music. Rock on Steve, job always well done! :)

  10. Looking at the image, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to ‘do editing’ so badly as I do right now. Sadly I don’t have the means to offer myself up as an apprentice to anyone; My family and I like to occasionally do that “eating” thing now & then. We’re addicted.
    But, dayum, looks awesome! Yay, and much thanks to you and to Steve!

  11. I’ve done quite a bit of video editing in my time – and ended up with some complicated looking projects. So let me just agree that this screenshot represents (sorry about the technical term) a f*ckton of work.

    I think everyone that’s familiar with this game must have realized that the edit was going to be a serious challenge. So many different pieces, parts & actions to capture and explain … and that’s all before you even take into account the *normal* complicated process of filming an episode of TT.

    It’ll be a pleasure to see how the TT team deal with these problems. Looking forward to every awesome moment.

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