a few memorable moments on the set at big bang theory

A sharp knock on my door, seconds before it opened. The assistant director poked his head into my dressing room and told me they were ready for me on the stage.

I closed my book. “Here I go!”

We walked into the stage together, and I continued on into the set where we were rehearsing this particular scene. Kaley and Johnny were already on there when I sat down next to them.

“You should never take that hat off,” Johnny said to me.

I looked at him to see if he was being sincere, or giving me the business. Before I could figure out which one it was, he said, “it looks really good on you.”

I smiled. “You are one of my fashion heroes, so that really means a lot to me.”

Inside, I secretly felt cool for almost three whole seconds.

“I mean it,” he said.

“Thank you. That was very kind.”

Kaley dramatically put her script down. “WOULD YOU TWO GET A ROOM ALREADY?!”

I gave Johnny a sly look that he did not return. “Do you want to just sit on that couch together?” I asked.

We all laughed together, and the director called for quiet.

We ran the scene, and I killed a joke*. We ran it a second time, and I nailed the beats I needed to nail. I felt calm and focused and — for the first time I think, ever, since I started working on the show — like I really and truly deserved to be there. I’m not gonna lie to  you, Marge: it felt really good.

I thanked the director for the notes he gave me, and returned to my dressing room where I waited to be called back to the stage, to bring Evil Wil Wheaton (who is decidedly less evil than he used to be) back to life.

Later, I saw Melissa and Kaley waiting to run one of their scenes. “Let’s take a picture for the Internet,” I said.

“I really like that hat on you,” Melissa said.

“Thanks,” I said, “I was just lazy this morning and didn’t want to do my hair, because it’s just a tiny bit too long and I can’t get it to behave. But I’m getting compliments, which is pretty awesome.”

I held out my camera, and we took a silly picture that I put on Twitter.

The writers all came into the stage, and we ran the entire episode for them. Everyone laughed really hard in all the right places, and it’s pretty clear that this episode works. I can’t wait for the audience to see it on Tuesday, and I am so grateful that I get to be part of this wonderful experience.


*Note that this means I wrecked the joke, because I delivered the line poorly. This can be confusing to normal people who hear us talk about comedy, because when a joke works, we say that the joke “killed”. So: killing a joke is bad, but making a joke that kills is good.

Comedians are obsessed with death, I guess, or at least dying on stage.

27 thoughts on “a few memorable moments on the set at big bang theory”

  1. Your episodes of BBT are the best episodes. Your appearances pull the characters out of the Friends-like funk they seem to have fallen into the last couple of years. I look forward to the episode on Tuesday!

  2. This really reads so much like fan fiction porn I’m surprised and disappointed that it didn’t turn out to be.

  3. Love the writing here. It’s very humble and normal and sincere…which makes no sense in your line of work but somehow…I guess I’m saying you really know where your towel is.

  4. You introduced me & my husband to both TBBT and Leverage. We went from “never watched it” to “seen every single episode five times.”

  5. The hat does look great on you! I’m jealous, as I just can’t pull them off so well.

    And there’s always great chemistry when you’re on BBT. Can’t wait to see it!

  6. One of the hardest things for people who live with depression and anxiety to do, is to accept a compliment. It was an extremely hard thing for me to do. I would qualify it like you did looking for a mean joke and then giving a compliment back to Johnny or making an excuse like you did about not wanting to do your hair with Kaley and Melissa. The hardest thing to do is to just say thank you and leave it at that. But when you do, that will be a huge victory!

  7. Oh gee that hat looks just like the hat I bought for my baby boy a few weeks back. Sorry, but it looks cuter on my baby (I’m not biased at all).

  8. I thought this post killed, and I am sorry that you killed the joke (see what I did there?).

  9. Yup, I thought that you should lose the beard, but apparently it was just lacking the right accessory. You never should take that hat off. Good combo, man. Good combo. It only slightly makes you look like a hipster. Only slightly and, that my good sir, is the the best we in our early forties can hope for.
    Unless you’re George Clooney, Gods curse that man and his terrifyingly good looks. And he’s over fifty! I’m a peaceful man and would never hurt a fly, but I’d seriously consider making a pact with the devil and killing a hobo with a hammer to look that good. Does anyone know at which particular crossroads I should be at midnight? Can provide own hammer.

  10. Of course the hat looked good on you. It’s a Kangol! They look good on everyone! Even I get compliments when I wear the had and my head’s turning more egg shaped every year!

  11. I love your episodes on tbbt, up until very recently I would have had to say they were my favourites. You’ve now been supplanted by James Earl Jones though, sorry but as awesome ad your episodes are, I just loved that one soooo much

  12. Will can you pleeeease do another behind the scenes diary like you did for Criminal Minds.

  13. I checked out the picture on twitter. Everyone is right, that hat looks good on you. :) I love the episodes with you on BBT.

  14. Hey if your ever in the Nard (oxnard) again for any reason H.M.U. We could blaze a bowl and hang out chat fir a bit..

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