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  1. I loved this post, and I LOVE that you can write and write for so many reasons–for us, your fans, for those who need to hear the words, for YOU, and for so much else. Thank you, Wil Wheaton!!! Live long and prosper!!!

  2. I’m sure that whatever you choose to do from this point on, you will seek out new life and new civilization, and boldly go where no man has gone before! Too corny? It’s allowed – I’m a nerd too! Good luck in all your future adventures, Wil!

  3. I don’t know why I woke up at 5am and decided to read this, but boy did it give me feels. I think what you described is probably the perfect canon for Wesley. I always really enjoyed the Traveler arc, thinking back it really could have it’s own show and story, there’s just a lot of depth of imagination there. I’m definitely curious what sort of places and things he discovered along the way.

    It makes me a bit sad he was cut from the wedding scene but I think from now on I’ll just adopt your headcanon for the whole thing, it makes a lot of sense and gives him some wiggle room.

    I am soo looking forward to new Discovery and new Picard. There’s so much good Trek out there now.

  4. Thank you for this Wil. I can relate to trying to follow a path you didn’t love to gain your parent’s attention (which I won’t bore you with), but when I come back to Trek and the nerdy things I love (which were highly discouraged and I was basically shamed for), I feel like, “these people get me.” Thank you for being a part of that.

  5. I love the way your mind works. I love that you’ve come full circle with Star Trek. I LOVE that you’ve been able to let go of the shitty parts so you can just enjoy everything you love. I love the way your emotional journey mirrors my husband’s. It fills me with Hope. Live long & prosper. (I’m not going anywhere that just felt like an opportunity I couldn’t miss. 😁) Oh & have a kick ass Friday!

  6. I doubt you’ll see this, but I wanted to share, re: Wesley.

    I’m almost 40 now, and my 10yr, 8yr and 4yr old started watching TNG for the (well their) first time.

    Dude, they absolutely love Wesley. Like.. freaking love him. Ep 1 when the character gets on the bridge. he sits and fiddles with the captains chair controls. Like immediately before he fiddled with the controls my eldest was like “oh gosh is he gonna see what…” then Wesley DID, and he was so happy.

    They love there is a younger person there trying to help and do things. The character is super inquisitive just like they are. It’s so great. Thanks for doing all that. 🙂

  7. I’ll be honest, I don’t know much about Wesley’s journey other than what you write, (sorry!) but I know your journey. I found your blog when you were active on Fark. Yeah… that long ago. I’ve said before, I love your writing and you’ve been a super fun internet uncle (and auntie anne!). You’ve met my kids. You’ve met my husband. I read your blog, I comment here and on other places in the internet. I send pictures of Dancing Barefoot from across the continents. You go through so much. Some you write about it, and much you don’t. I’m paying attention. I pieced together that you stopped talking to your parents before you said anything official. My heart is so full thinking about the human you are today and how happy you are. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you, my friend.

  8. OMG I loved this! Writing, for us writers, is HOW WE FIGURE OUR SHIT OUT! Sometimes I look at the stuff I’ve written, and can hardly believe those words and feelings came out of me. Forced-upon-us Emotional Repression is quite the giant closet full of boxes marked, “Nope, Not Dealing with THAT” and once opened, those boxes just start falling off the shelves, ready to unpack. You go, Wil! Keep sharing. Keep truth-telling. We NEED you as our inspiration to keep doing the same. When YOU heal, WE heal.

  9. 1, I’m glad you’re finding this kind of closure. And I really appreciate how you write with such vulnerability and transparency – go go masculinity role models. (I think we’re the same age, or very close)
    2, is this where we get to play the guessing game of “ooh ooh who is Character Redacted”? Because if so, clearly, I need to say “Artoo Detoo”. 😉 And hey, Disco has those little bots that zoom around and fix stuff, so sure, one of those. nods sagely

  10. I love this so much. My headcanon is also that Wesley is a Traveler, so. And I’m so glad you got to come full circle on this, Wil. It’s been a long, road, gettin from there to here.. 😉

    1. I am OLD and have never been one to re-read or re-watch anything no matter how much I enjoyed/loved it the first time, so I had not realized that I apparently had been just extrapolating(?) that Wesley had been established to be a Traveler. I am about 25 years older than Wil, so I assume that I was not in the demographic that generally adored Wesley instead of often disliked the character (as written), but I always admired/liked him and looked forward to episodes that featured him a bit more than usual.

  11. It is so fucking hard to let the abuse go. I was sexually abused as a child and decades later I’m still so full of rage. How did let go of the anger?

    1. Therapy can help. If you can, I would highly recommend you try it. I’m so sorry you had to endure that as a child. No one should have to go through that.

      1. Thank you. I tried therapy a long time ago but it was too painful. I don’t think I was ready. But I think I am now. I’m going to try it again.

  12. In my best Homer Simpson voice: “Flex that Nerd!! Flex it!” Lol

    So awesome.

    It’s exciting to have moments of self realization like you had about Wesley.

    So happy and encouraged by your journey and your willingness to share it with us.

    Thanks for that.

  13. It’s amazing to get to a place where you can let the hurt go off into the wild without you. Very happy for you

  14. I may have to watch that part in Nemesis again, but I think there is at least one moment where Westley can be seen in the background. So I think it is canon that he showed up for the wedding.

  15. I am always impressed by you, and how you continue to get better and better at overcoming your past. The next time I see you I will tell you how much I admire you! ❤️

  16. I love this for all the reasons. Watching you grow beyond the hurt and pain the last few years has helped me do that too. And that last line of this post, just perfect. You are an amazing writer.

  17. I’ve always just assumed Wesley was a Traveler. Wasn’t one of the STNG novels about that? I seriously want Traveler Wesley to show up in Picard or Discovery as a major Deus ex Machina…

  18. I really really hope you get to come back to Star Trek at some point, as Wesley, but as your own version of Wesley. Probably far older and hopefully far wiser than you left. Like some kind of superior being but not Q, though still careful about spoilers because they’re dangerous, maybe even with a kind of Redshirts-style meta-perspective about everything. I think that would be awesome. And cathartic.

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