A little Felicia Day for your Tabletop Day

Due to popular demand, Lar created and sent me this Felicia Day standup to go with the other stand ups he made for Tabletop Day.

Felicia Day Stand Up For Tabletop Day
Click to download the PDF.

You’ll have to make your own Doctor Hannah, however. I suggest crumpling up some foil and stomping on it.

18 thoughts on “A little Felicia Day for your Tabletop Day”

  1. GENIUS! She is definitely going on our gaming table :)

    No fold out Wil to go with? We could have a have teams and you can be our mascots 😉

    1. I’ve only just seen the others, how did I miss them?!? Excellent, now we have a perfect set for tomorrow! (Holy crap it’s 03:27, it’s TODAY!!!)

  2. And now Felicia completes the set! Wow! I can’t wait for Saturday! I wish one of you would join us at the Gathering of Friends! I really want to play a game with you both someday! I work for a game company, ThinkFun, and we had wanted to find more information to sponsor ITTD, but didn’t get a reply. No matter! I will celebrate this day in style now with Wil and Felicia cutouts and the trophy of Awesome!

  3. I was under the impression that Doctor Hannah was one of the most popular guests on Tabletop all season. I even heard rumors that he was going to co-host Season 2 with you.

    I’m guessing that’s not true, then, huh?

  4. Is anyone else getting the impression that “Dr. Hannah” is blamed for everything that goes wrong in Wil’s life?

    Red light when in a hurry? Dr. Hannah’s fault.

    Spill a beer? Dr. Hannah again.

    Stub a toe? Dr. Hannah moved the object that caused it.

  5. Hate to be That Guy, but shouldn’t the Felicia standup say “enjoy having Felicia at your gaming table” instead of “enjoy having Wil at your gaming table” ?

    Aside from the picking of nits, these are all fantabulous. Can’t wait for the celebration to begin!

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